The One Thing I Never Heard My Son Say

“Hey mom!  I’ve been doing some thinking.  I sure would enjoy it if you remodeled my bedroom in a Scandinavian Minimalist style!” said Ethan Pflug NEVER.  HAHAHA!  Yep…I’m literally LOL as I write this post.  Poor kid.  Having to put up with a designer mom that is always using her home as her own little mad scientist laboratory.   And the truth is, E didn’t say those words because I said them.  I said them (or at least I thought them) and the idea worked!  It worked for my son and it worked for me!

Wall Headboard

To be completely honest, it was a little shocking to my son at first.  To go from all that organized chaos (Can we cut the crap?  It was clutter!) to a minimal yet highly functional bedroom environment is a lot to ask of a 15 year old male.  I mean, I have a kid that keeps every ticket stub, tchotchke, pen, paper clip, receipt or gum wrapper that finds its way into his possession!  However, once the headboard wall was completed, the modern sliding closet door installed and the queen bed put in place (sadly, the room is too small for a king bed), he and I started thoughtfully editing his possessions and returning his most treasured pieces back into the room. I could tell he was starting to “get it”.  That whole “unclutter your living space and you unclutter your life” mantra was starting to take shape.  Today, I can honestly say it has taken hold in him.  Well…everything but putting away folded clothes that seem to linger on top of his dresser.  (Sigh.) That bit of declutterization still seems like a SUPER HARD thing to do.  Still…I hold out hope.

Scandinavian Minimalist Bedroom
The bedroom is teeny tiny at 10′ x 12′ so I played up the featured wall by designing a custom oak and brass headboard and adding a whimsical portrait of Kramer from Seinfeld (my son’s favorite sitcom) to the adjacent wall.  The artist light completes the “haha” moment. 
I love the industrial minimalist feel of the sliding closet door!  (Plus the previous hinged  closet door always spatially conflicted and converged with the bedroom door making a small room feel even smaller.  Problem now solved!)  The warm oak wood lends a Scandinavian aesthetic while the grey and black accents provide contrast and masculinity.  
Minimalist Teen Boy Bedroom
The stark sconce lighting with Edison bulbs was a must for this makeover project.  They are hip and on trend for today’s unfussy, youthful environments.  They create instant mood, especially at night…and this room is all about mood and vibe and discretion.  Less is more, more, more!
Minimalist Teen Bedroom
If you wondered where all of my son’s cherished “stuff” landed…notice the end table pictured?  There’s one on each side of the bed and they open up like a display case.  In those spaces, memorabilia, old iPhones, letters, relics and scraps have been preserved for generations to come (my nostalgic son).  The platform bed features four drawers underneath.  Thank you sweet baby Jesus for hidden drawers!  

My biggest takeaway from this project was how a tiny room can pack such a big design punch!  The room is comfortable, functional and uber stylish!  But it needed a couple gutsy design moves and a couple chuckles to “keep it real” and keep it from becoming something it wasn’t.  For Ethan and I, it found its true and honest style because it stayed true to the one that dwells in it and speaks of that person(s).  A lot of Ethan, a little bit of mom and dad, a whole lot of fun.

Hope this post inspires you to be bold and gutsy in your own home!  Like you, it’s ready to live its very best life!

Big Love and Happy Decorating!


2 thoughts on “The One Thing I Never Heard My Son Say

  1. Janet September 4, 2020 / 2:40 am

    Hi! how did you do the brass lines? Love them!


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