Cabin Fever in the Heart of Nashville

Westview Cabin Mantel

Indulge me for a moment and thumb through the pages of your mind…back to a time when you were a kid and you’ve just left summer camp…a camp you really, really loved…or maybe even a vacation.  Once back home, nothing seemed to properly console you from your feeling of want…wanting to return to your newfound friends, your frivolity and exploration and the excitement you felt in “your place”!  This is the feeling I experienced when this project ended!  I think I grew a little attached to this unique cabin on the dreamiest property in the middle of Nashville’s most premiere neighborhood.  Amid mansions and grand estates, this chink and log cabin appears to have been following bread crumbs when it lost its way and decided that it would rest quietly and beautifully on a hill under  pines and maples, creek running through its front yard.  It seems to whisper to passersby, reminding them that Nashville wasn’t always so suave…that being rustic doesn’t mean that you’re not beautiful.

As I designed its rooms (for the resale market no less!), I allowed my imagination to take flight and envisioned the people that once lived in this sweet place, as well as those yet to come.  As with any older home, the character of the space really informs the decorating. This house, although challenging in many ways, offered up an aesthetic straight from a Westview Cabin Hallwayfairytale.  Almost every interior chink and log wall was built from hand picked and hewn timber, making it an impossibility to move walls for this project.  However, renovation tweaks were made in much of the home.  The little cottage kitchen received a facelift and was customized for maximum storage capability and overall aesthetic.  A boot room was designed and installed for the lower rear entrance.  And my favorite little “reimagine” for the home?  The inclusion of a whiskey room located just off the great room.  An antique secretary was outfitted with all things whiskey and spirts and became something out of my cowgirl and log cabin dreams!  Functional, beautiful, interesting and unique.

Let’s take a look at the house…starting with the whiskey room.  The wallpaper on the feature wall is new but who would know?… (that patina!).  The lighting is Forty West.  Everything else?  Vintage and painstakingly curated.

 WHISKEY ROOMWhiskey Bar 3

Antique Bar Set Up

Whiskey Bar

Whiskey Room Feature Wall



Westview Cabin Great Room
Photo Courtesy:  Shannon Fontaine
Westview Cabin Great Room 1
Photo Courtesy:  Shannon Fontaine

Westview Cabin Front Entry



COTTAGE KITCHENWestview Cabin Kitchen Window

Westview Cabin Kitchen
Photo Courtesy:  Shannon Fontaine
Westview Cabin Kitchen 2
Photo Courtesy:  Shannon Fontaine

 MUSIC ROOMWestview Music Room


MASTER BEDROOM AND BATHWestview Cabin Master Suite

Master Bedroom 2
Photo Courtesy:   Shannon Fontaine

Westview Cabin Master Bath 2

Westview Cabin Master Bath 3


BOOT ROOMWestview Rear Entry Boot Room

Work Hard

Westview Cabin Rear View
Photo Courtesy:  Shannon Fontaine

A massive thank you to my friend and rock star, Sheri Smith, Real Estate Broker with Pilkerton Realtors, for trusting me with the renovations and staging of this luxury property.  You are a true visionary and inspiration!

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