The One Thing I Never Heard My Son Say

“Hey mom!  I’ve been doing some thinking.  I sure would enjoy it if you remodeled my bedroom in a Scandinavian Minimalist style!” said Ethan Pflug NEVER.  HAHAHA!  Yep…I’m literally LOL as I write this post.  Poor kid.  Having to put up with a designer mom that is always using her home as her own little mad scientist laboratory.   And the truth is, E didn’t say those words because I said them.  I said them (or at least I thought them) and the idea worked!  It worked for my son and it worked for me!

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When I married my husband in 2014, my heart burst with crazy amounts of love and joy as it had already connected and melded with his.  And although we are strangely similar in so many ways like…we share the same birthday…both grew up in the same era and in the South…both have a love for the ocean and sun…and both paint front doors red (big smile), the style of our pre-marriage homes was quite different.  I moved into Steven and Ethan’s house (my now, 12 year old son) and the task began to combine the styles, furnishings and collected found treasures of our previous lives in a way that would be pleasing to ALL of us.  I tend to design with a whimsical eye and with a sort of eclectic traditionalism.  My husband’s style aesthetic is sleek and chic…with straight lines, classic detailing and a pretty deep love for post modern, mid-century design.  When I unboxed the “man vase” (as I affectionately call him) from my previous home (I will introduce him to you later)…Steven declared that it was my “wagon wheel” and must go!  Guess what?  “Man Vase” is still around and getting compliments every time I turn around!  Here’s a little peek inside our home…Hope you enjoy!


Light, open and airy.  The pelican print and live banana tree pay homage to our beloved home states of Louisiana and Florida.


Stone plays with metal, metal plays with wood, texture and prints play with solids…

IMG_0160We enjoy brunch with friends and a simple fruit and cheese plate always makes an appearance…

sabrina bench copy

The iron Fleur-De-Lis bench in our foyer was a piece I brought into the home from my collection.  Who knew I would marry a man from New Orleans!!!! The mixed media sculpture on far wall entitled “Free Falling” is by Tennessee artist, Emily Allison, a birthday gift from Steven.  Her work is “otherworldly,” sublime and I adore it with all my heart.


IMG_1789This table seats twelve and gets a work out!  We love to entertain…formally and casually.