Mermaid Party ~ Peach and the Willow Style

Spoiler alert! I love Mermaids! After all, I’m from Florida where mermaids were first discovered! (Ok…not true. But if you’ve ever visited Weekiwatchee you know what I mean!) I also think I’m married to a “merman” but that’s a story for another day.

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Tropical Chic Rosemary Beach Condo

No matter the date on the calendar, this Rosemary Beach Condominium was designed to be the quintessential endless summer getaway for a busy couple and their three young sons.  The home, situated in the heart of the Rosemary Beach, Florida town square, is a light and airy space where graphic punches give way to organic, woodsy respites, all thoughtfully woven together with a rich, leafy thread that feels neither forced nor overused.

White, Green and Black Color Palette with punches of Magenta

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