Six Tips for Styling Pretty Bathroom Shelves


It’s the middle of February and you’re officially DONE with winter.  I mean straight up DONE!  And you’re not even kidding a little bit…you’re ready to slide on flip flops, put the top down on the convertible and rearrange your bathroom shelves!  What?!  Did I just slip that in?  Spring cleaning anyone?  Too early?  Well, it may not be time to air out the house, shake out ye old rugs and dry clean the drapes, but what about a quick “pick me up” for one of the most utilized and, perhaps, under appreciated rooms in your home?…THE BATHROOM!  Styling a bathroom shelf is super easy if you follow these six styling tips and will go miles toward making you feel like you’ve given your space a little face lift.  Like a breath of fresh air…spring air!

I recently added two shelves to an empty wall above my garden tub and I love the result.   Form follows function was employed in this design as baths are daily rituals in our home.  It also meant the bath’s accoutrement needed to be accessible and within arm’s reach.


A few tips for stylish bathroom shelves:

  1. Start with shelving that you love but also shelving that reflects the interior style of the bathroom.  Open shelving is chic and on trend for interiors so have fun accessorizing them.  I used pretty marble shelves with gold brass hardware bought online from CB2.  They gave me the “hotel feel” that I was looking for.  Clean and sophisticated.
  2. Display pretty linens that you USE, not just display.  If your towels are looking a little frayed and rough around the edges, treat yourself to luxurious new ones!  It’s worth the moolah.  Peacock Alley makes wonderful linens and you can source them here.
  3. Use pretty apothecary jars to organize bath salts, soaps, etc.  I like varying sizes for interest…and I usually display in groups of 3’s.
  4. Arrange your shelf with an element of greenery or flowers.  Silk flowers have become very realistic so don’t be afraid to use them.  That said, my live fern loves his perch on the top shelf!  It gets plenty of light and loves the steam from the shower!
  5. Incorporate art!  In fact…whenever possible…always incorporate art and found objects that you love!  The artwork pictured here was found at a local vintage print shop.  When I spied this french makeup company’s advertisement from the 1920’s, I loved it for this space and bought it instantly.  The gold frame ties in nicely with the hardware on the shelves and adds a little pop of decadence.  I purchased this frame from
  6. Lastly…candles.  A bath, bubbles, candles…need I say more?