Shopping Bag Wall! A Fun Feature for a Girl’s Bedroom

Shopping Bag Wall
Shopping Bag Wall

Is it just me or does anyone else have a hard time disposing of pretty shopping bags?  Heck…sometimes they’re not even that attractive and I still want to keep ’em!  Sure, I’ll occasionally employ them to carry something from point A to point B, but most of the time they just begin to stack, taking up much needed space in my closets!  This very thing started happening in my last home and the shopping bag wall idea was hatched out of the accumulation of too many bags that I just couldn’t part with!

Pretty Shopping Bags
Pretty shopping bags from my friend’s dress shop in Florida, Common Thread, and Reese Witherspoon’s Nashville boutique

Who doesn’t love a colorful, graphic wall???  Who doesn’t love a colorful, graphic wall for ZERO investment???!!!!  Especially when it involves your favorite brands and boutiques!  (OK…You have to buy the merchandise inside the bag but you were going to do that anyway!)  Shopping bags conjure up memories of beloved items that you own, places you’ve traveled or gifts you’ve received.  My shopping bag wall became somewhat of a life board as I would often slip received greeting cards inside the bags…concert tickets would peak out…little momentos and tokens to save…moments worth remembering.  And never did a person walk into this room without commenting or “ooing and aaahing”…always quite the conversation piece!

Before I put this cottage on the market, my shopping bag wall was the focal point of my office.  The office had a small desk under one window and a reading chaise beneath the adjacent window.  But when I decided to sell, I staged the room as a girl’s bedroom and love the result!  I’m crazy about the feminine, vintage, bohemian aesthetic this bedroom exudes!  The central palette is neutral and light while the pops of color come from the shopping bag wall, the mid-century canary yellow dresser (bought at a yard sale and painted) and the bright rugs.  The Spode dinner plates and iron sconces with crystal prisms add a bit of girly sophistication while the shopping bag wall adds the whimsy.  For me, there is rarely one without the other.

Girl's Bedroom
A Girl’s Bedroom with a Shopping Bag Wall as the Featured Attraction

You may be wondering how I attached the bags?  I simply used clear tacks at the corners so that very little damage would be done to the wall.  I chose to hang the bags in a cascading pattern, many times overlapping the bags to create the look I was seeking.  However, an entire wall of colorful bags would be cool!

I hope you’ll try something like this in your home!  Start “shopping till you drop” and save those bags.  In no time at all you’ll have the quite the collection!  Have fun decorating your home and don’t forget to share the pics!  xoxo

A Living Room gets “Staged”

Recently, a friend approached me about my home staging and styling services.  She was ready to put her vacant condo on the market but knew it needed some TLC to garner top dollar and sell quickly.  Like most homeowners, she wanted quick, affordable solutions.  With my home staging services and a modest budget to buy accessories (that she could later use in her next home), the condo was quickly transformed into a space that was more efficient, attractive and inviting.  Remember…the goal is to use as many existing items and furnishings found throughout the home as possible and then placing and styling them in fresh ways.  The outcome was very pleasing to my friend who joked, “you’ve made it so pretty…maybe I won’t sell it after all!”  News flash…it sold quickly!