Help! I Want A New Living Room!

I often hear my clients say that they wish they could just start over and redecorate their entire home.  But let’s be honest.  Who can afford to ditch everything they’ve accumulated and start from scratch?!!  I know I can’t!  Nor would we want to as we’ve collected treasures throughout the years that we may not be able to part with.  So…we improvise with what we have, right? Continue reading

Home Office…Before and After! (Oh boy, Oh boy!)

Home Office…Before

Office Before

Home Office…After!

Office After

Can I get an AMEN????!!!!  This makeover is, to quote my husband, “bad to the bone!”…and that’s a good thing!  Let’s take a closer look at this home office makeover, shall we?

The office space is small…a 10′ x 10′ cube…however, this cube has a twin on the adjacent side and is divided by an entry hallway…office on the right, sitting/media room on the left.  So…it is actually 10′ x 23′ in total space (you’ll see the sitting room in the next photos).


  1. Create a masculine office for the husband (wife’s office is upstairs) that is a functional home office (he works from home), music/writing room for him and front entry to home.
  2. Keep as much of the existing furniture as possible.
  3. Keep it budget friendly.
  4. Make it gorgeous!


  1.  Remove credenza and lamp from the room.  (Too cramped)
  2. Reposition desk to the center of the room looking out toward the middle of the entire space.
  3. Move book shelves from sitting room to the back office wall.
  4. Start shopping!  The windows are empty, the walls are bare, the floor is naked and style needs to be infused everywhere!

…Moving to the opposite side of the space, let’s take a look at the existing sitting room before the makeover.  The room includes pretty pieces from Ethan Allen, a flat screen and a media shelving unit…that’s it! Sitting Room Before  Those shelves were moved to the office side to provide much needed functioning storage.  The sitting room furniture was reconfigured to the middle of the room and I added a mirrored side table between the chairs, removing the one you see pictured here.  The flat screen was also installed onto the wall.


New view from the center of the sitting room into the office..

Masculine Office

View from the center of office into sitting room…

Sitting Room - Front
Contemporary and Clean Sitting/Media room…

…Playing off the beautiful fabrics found on the homeowners’ furnishings, the space became an open and airy office that is sophisticated without being too formal or stuffy.  I LOVE the masculine window pane plaid on the arm chair and the linen tweed of the desk chair!…all providing the cues I needed to pull the rooms together into one cohesive and stylish space that not only he would love…but one the wife would love too!  The velvet drapes in Fog Grey add just the right amount of luxury needed for an office which resides in the front of the home.  The artwork is bold and resonating, taking up the entirety of one office wall.  This is a wonderful trick for small spaces…placing something very large in a small space creates the illusion of having a much grander space.  The background art is a personal composition by the homeowner who is also a songwriter and piano vocalist.  Adding unique touches to the home like this one is a must in my design work.  A home should reflect the homeowner’s life, interests and dreams.

A closer look at the details…


The media/sitting room design is clean and contemporary as represented in the artwork and furnishings.  Art was chosen as a starting point for a gallery wall which will evolve as the collection grows.

Sitting Room Sideview

Shopping Bag Wall! A Fun Feature for a Girl’s Bedroom

Shopping Bag Wall
Shopping Bag Wall

Is it just me or does anyone else have a hard time disposing of pretty shopping bags?  Heck…sometimes they’re not even that attractive and I still want to keep ’em!  Sure, I’ll occasionally employ them to carry something from point A to point B, but most of the time they just begin to stack, taking up much needed space in my closets!  This very thing started happening in my last home and the shopping bag wall idea was hatched out of the accumulation of too many bags that I just couldn’t part with!

Pretty Shopping Bags
Pretty shopping bags from my friend’s dress shop in Florida, Common Thread, and Reese Witherspoon’s Nashville boutique

Who doesn’t love a colorful, graphic wall???  Who doesn’t love a colorful, graphic wall for ZERO investment???!!!!  Especially when it involves your favorite brands and boutiques!  (OK…You have to buy the merchandise inside the bag but you were going to do that anyway!)  Shopping bags conjure up memories of beloved items that you own, places you’ve traveled or gifts you’ve received.  My shopping bag wall became somewhat of a life board as I would often slip received greeting cards inside the bags…concert tickets would peak out…little momentos and tokens to save…moments worth remembering.  And never did a person walk into this room without commenting or “ooing and aaahing”…always quite the conversation piece!

Before I put this cottage on the market, my shopping bag wall was the focal point of my office.  The office had a small desk under one window and a reading chaise beneath the adjacent window.  But when I decided to sell, I staged the room as a girl’s bedroom and love the result!  I’m crazy about the feminine, vintage, bohemian aesthetic this bedroom exudes!  The central palette is neutral and light while the pops of color come from the shopping bag wall, the mid-century canary yellow dresser (bought at a yard sale and painted) and the bright rugs.  The Spode dinner plates and iron sconces with crystal prisms add a bit of girly sophistication while the shopping bag wall adds the whimsy.  For me, there is rarely one without the other.

Girl's Bedroom
A Girl’s Bedroom with a Shopping Bag Wall as the Featured Attraction

You may be wondering how I attached the bags?  I simply used clear tacks at the corners so that very little damage would be done to the wall.  I chose to hang the bags in a cascading pattern, many times overlapping the bags to create the look I was seeking.  However, an entire wall of colorful bags would be cool!

I hope you’ll try something like this in your home!  Start “shopping till you drop” and save those bags.  In no time at all you’ll have the quite the collection!  Have fun decorating your home and don’t forget to share the pics!  xoxo

Home | “Our” Style



When I married my husband in 2014, my heart burst with crazy amounts of love and joy as it had already connected and melded with his.  And although we are strangely similar in so many ways like…we share the same birthday…both grew up in the same era and in the South…both have a love for the ocean and sun…and both paint front doors red (big smile), the style of our pre-marriage homes was quite different.  I moved into Steven and Ethan’s house (my now, 12 year old son) and the task began to combine the styles, furnishings and collected found treasures of our previous lives in a way that would be pleasing to ALL of us.  I tend to design with a whimsical eye and with a sort of eclectic traditionalism.  My husband’s style aesthetic is sleek and chic…with straight lines, classic detailing and a pretty deep love for post modern, mid-century design.  When I unboxed the “man vase” (as I affectionately call him) from my previous home (I will introduce him to you later)…Steven declared that it was my “wagon wheel” and must go!  Guess what?  “Man Vase” is still around and getting compliments every time I turn around!  Here’s a little peek inside our home…Hope you enjoy!


Light, open and airy.  The pelican print and live banana tree pay homage to our beloved home states of Louisiana and Florida.


Stone plays with metal, metal plays with wood, texture and prints play with solids…

IMG_0160We enjoy brunch with friends and a simple fruit and cheese plate always makes an appearance…

sabrina bench copy

The iron Fleur-De-Lis bench in our foyer was a piece I brought into the home from my collection.  Who knew I would marry a man from New Orleans!!!! The mixed media sculpture on far wall entitled “Free Falling” is by Tennessee artist, Emily Allison, a birthday gift from Steven.  Her work is “otherworldly,” sublime and I adore it with all my heart.


IMG_1789This table seats twelve and gets a work out!  We love to entertain…formally and casually.