Help! I Want A New Living Room!

I often hear my clients say that they wish they could just start over and redecorate their entire home.  But let’s be honest.  Who can afford to ditch everything they’ve accumulated and start from scratch?!!  I know I can’t!  Nor would we want to as we’ve collected treasures throughout the years that we may not be able to part with.  So…we improvise with what we have, right? Continue reading

A Living Room gets “Staged”

Recently, a friend approached me about my home staging and styling services.  She was ready to put her vacant condo on the market but knew it needed some TLC to garner top dollar and sell quickly.  Like most homeowners, she wanted quick, affordable solutions.  With my home staging services and a modest budget to buy accessories (that she could later use in her next home), the condo was quickly transformed into a space that was more efficient, attractive and inviting.  Remember…the goal is to use as many existing items and furnishings found throughout the home as possible and then placing and styling them in fresh ways.  The outcome was very pleasing to my friend who joked, “you’ve made it so pretty…maybe I won’t sell it after all!”  News flash…it sold quickly!