A Light and Airy Kitchen Renovation – Just in time for Spring!

Peachy Keen Kitchen Renovation

The kitchen…the heart of the home…the very hub of life’s “hubbub,” wants to be loved too!  If our kitchens could talk, I sometimes think that they would say they felt neglected.  Not just neglected from a “wear and tear” standpoint, but aesthetically, as well.  Don’t you agree?  The kitchen performs on the daily for us…first in the morning over pots of coffee, bowls of cereal and trails of toast crumbs…then into the evening where it takes the heat, the sauce splatters, the wine spills, the ice cream plops, the oil slicks and performs like a champ through it all.  But shouldn’t our kitchens be more than just our work horse?  Doesn’t most of LIFE happen in the kitchen?…from social gatherings to family meals to homework to bill paying?  And since everyone ALWAYS ends up in the kitchen, shouldn’t your kitchen not just function but look really awesome too???  I think yes! Continue reading

Joy To the World!

Front Door Welcome.jpg
Welcome!  Merry Christmas!  Come on In!!!                           Photo: Robyn Rodehaver

As I open my heart and home this Christmas, LOVE, PEACE and JOY is what I wish for you, Christmas Day and EVERY day!!!  Amidst the anticipation of Santa Claus, the cooking of the tenderloin or the roast bird and the placement of the last flourishes on your Christmas table or dessert tray, I hope you’re beginning to slow down and earnestly reflect on the Christmas story; our Lord and Savior, God’s most perfect gift to mankind.  I am awe stricken as I think about the virgin birth, how angels announced his coming, and how he humbly entered this world and became THE hope for eternity.  I lift a prayer of utmost thanks and gratitude.

And to all of you, thank you for making Peach and the Willow’s first year a huge success!  You inspire me to no end!  I can’t tell you how much I enjoy sharing the tidbits, treats, spaces and gatherings from my lil’ world and hope you found some ideas you could run with along the way!  Here’s to many more in 2017!!!!

Now…it’s off to make some Santa deliveries and check off the last of my list before Steven, Ethan and I head to Christmas Eve Service followed by our traditional 7:30 dinner reservation at one of our favorite local restaurants!  Such a glorious day!

Merry Christmas Everyone!  I pray you have the most blessed season and New Year!!!  See you in 2017!!!!  Love…Sabrina.

Peach and the Willow Christmas.jpg
The Pflug Porch        Photo:  Robyn Rodehaver

Help! I Want A New Living Room!

I often hear my clients say that they wish they could just start over and redecorate their entire home.  But let’s be honest.  Who can afford to ditch everything they’ve accumulated and start from scratch?!!  I know I can’t!  Nor would we want to as we’ve collected treasures throughout the years that we may not be able to part with.  So…we improvise with what we have, right? Continue reading

Hello Miss Graphic…Meet Mr. Rustic!



And together they made the most beautiful couple!…AKA Wine and Coffee Bar!

It was love at first sight, I tell ya!  Love at first sight!  When Miss Graphic, with her soft, abstract grey waves and modern, uptown personality met Mr. Rustic with his hefty reclaimed antique wood shelves, countrified barn lights and impressive Texas long horns, a match was made in wine and coffee bar heaven!  I mean…could you imagine a world where these two didn’t exist…together…perfectly…in one splendid mash up of a space? The most unlikely of combinations…and yet they work together so beautifully!  Continue reading

Blissful Bedrooms…the Blissful Beach

Photo courtesy:  Jessie Myhre 

I can’t disguise my being MIA from Peach and the Willow any more than I can disguise the great fun we have been having this summer!  Yes, I realize that peaches are literally bursting with peak summer sweetness, weeping willows are tenderly slow dancing under a waxing moon and you must think I’m missing it all!  Quite the contrary!  I am soaking it all up, squeezing it out, and soaking it up some more!  I promise that the blog will be the better for it!

Just like my recent getaway to Rosemary Beach, Florida.  Not only did my family and I do our very best to drink up every ounce of Gulf of Mexico goodness during the day…we had the exponential good fortune during the night of resting in a couple of the most blissful, most cozy, most tranquil and perfect coastal bedrooms in the village.  These bedrooms have the “it” factor and are worth studying and analyzing for use in our own homes.  Take a look!

Coastal Cottage Master Bedroom

My dear friend, Kim Jameson, and owner of this special house, has mastered the art of the bedroom…one that is relaxing, gracious and serene… and oh so pretty!!!   Ever since I was first invited to her Rosemary Beach abode, I have raved about these bedrooms…and how well I rest  in them!

Bedroom at Rosemary Beach
Both bedrooms retreats have black french doors that lead onto an expansive sleeping porch.  Dreamy to say the least!

The master and guest bedrooms are both painted in the same soft minty hue and topped with hipped ceilings wrapped in white washed pine.  This is a very special architectural detail and a feast for the eyes.  The colors and textures mimic the landscape of the Emerald Coast without “bonking you over the head” with the beach theme.  (You know what I’m talking about. Turquoise and peach color schemes and too many beachy knick knacks.  Eek!).  Everything here BREATHES…which encourages the home owner and her guests to also breath.  You know the ones…those unhurried deep breaths that allow the pulse to slow and the relaxation mode to kick in.  A bedroom like this makes you want to linger in the morning and look forward to returning at night.  Dear Kim…Dear Bedroom…job well done.

Beautiful Linen Details

I am always emphasizing details in design and this is a perfect example.  Atop a luxurious king mattress are “grandma soft” linens.  Let’s stop there.  Does this resonate with you?  My grandma Berta had the softest linens I could ever imagine.  Her cotton sheets had probably been washed AND ironed a thousand times before I slept on them (or at least that’s what they felt like to me).  So do Kim’s linens!  And Kim mixes her textile patterns beautifully…floral sheets topped with a simple white down-filled duvet and striped blanket along with custom shams in a light blue and moss awning stripe with a gold threaded “J” monogram.  A custom slipcovered head board  in the color of sand complete the look.  The bed feels rich without being “stuffy” or formal.  Perhaps you’d like to make your bedroom look and feel a bit more luxe?  Spend your money on great sheets and a few custom details like these!

Bookshelf Design
The homeowner has a great eye for original art as seen here and throughout her house.  The painted bookshelf is a whimsical and light hearted touch among the luxurious drapes and linens.

And then there is my favorite bedroom…Coastal Cottage BedroomThis bedroom is the definition of tranquility.  It has a farmhouse feel (remember, farmland is a mere 20 miles north of Rosemary Beach) with its soft, billowy linens, soothing colors, beautiful artwork and velvety feeling heart pine floors.  I particularly love the headboard in this room.  This bedroom’s headboard slipcover is made from a blue and chartreuse floral quilt.  IN LOVE!  Both bedrooms have primary windows that open to the north in one bedroom, the south in the other …so drapes can be closed to block the summer sun and the perfect day napping can commence.

Serene and Elegant
White Matelasse Shams, Beige Ticking Stripe Sheets, a White Down Duvet and a playful linen throw pillow…the recipe for a cozy coastal bed.  One of my favorite pieces of art in the home is displayed here.

As you can imagine, the rest of this home is as lovely, warm and inviting as its bedrooms.  In fact, my 13 year old son’s favorite bedroom isn’t pictured.  It’s a tiny sleeping nook that only  this year he finds he is too big to fully enjoy (sigh).  Still…we love passing it at the stairway and smiling at it’s tiny proportion and colorful disposition.  It may be small in stature but it sure is large in personality!!!

To see more from my amazing friend Kim…follow her on instagram @kimjameson.  Her photo blog is stunning and she is working on a “Coming Soon” project in Columbia, TN that is not to be missed.  Key Word:  Vintage.  I can’t wait!

Family at Sunset
Photo Courtesy:  Jessie Myhre


Kim…                                                                                               I must first thank you for being my dear friend and for loving me and my family the way you do!  Our faces in this picture tell the story perfectly…that God is Great and He  puts amazing people in our lives, the warm sun on our backs, sand and sea within reach and smiles on our faces.  Big  sloppy kiss for you!  Then…I must thank you for allowing me to display some of your private spaces on the worldwide web!  You are an inspiration to all who know you and this is but a glimpse into your bright and beautiful world!  Thank you!



Chic Farmhouse Vibes

Farmhouse ChicSituated at the southern gateway of Franklin, Tennessee is the brand spankin’ new, “Norman Rockwell-esque” community of Berry Farms.  I can remember my friend Kim asking me a little while back, “have you seen that new community they’ve just plopped down in Williamson County off I-65?”  Sure enough…a year or so later, it’s a full fledged town right out of an episode of Andy Griffith and the home of my newest interior design project!

My client for this assignment is one of the hardest working realtors I know and a rock star in her field!  Check out all of her “rockstar-ness” HERE.  She recently decided to move her office AND home to Berry Farms and into one of the darling 3-story townhomes which sit conveniently on the town square, perfectly suited for working and living (albeit a HUGE downsize for her, her hubby, three girls and a pup).  I was asked to put together the reception/conference area of her new space and to create a Modern Farmhouse feel that was warm and inviting yet conducive to Stormberg Group business.   Let’s take a look!

The newly painted room with soft gray walls and soaring 10 foot ceilings was cleared of all furniture except for four new chairs in tufted grey leather pictured here.   The finished product became a crisp and modern take on a chic farmhouse with a slight industrial vibe.  The space is uncluttered and light filled with ample meeting areas and great flow.

The first thing I purchased for the room was the table.  It’s an antique library table and the perfect dimensions for this room at 30″ x 72″ (most tables are around 40″ wide and too large for this space).  After adding grey chalk paint and wax, it became the perfect table! Here’s a little before and after…


Rural Artwork with Industrial SconcesOf all the pieces purchased for this project, this black and white art is my client’s favorite.  It is very Patriotic…very Berry Farms…very Franklin.  So glad I found it!  Illuminated by industrial farmhouse sconces, brass fittings and vintage style bulbs (specifically installed for this project) and anchored by a modern reclaimed wood bench, this entry sets the tone for the space.

Sunny and Fresh
The natural light is divine!!!  And Gabby loves the view!!!
Modern Farmhouse Chic
Grey 1, Grey 2, Honey and Caramel Colors.  The black frame pulls everything into focus…
Wood and Magnolia
I love the way the warm natural wood elements play gently with the soft greys.  Black shows up again in the modern art.
Farmhouse Chic in Shades of Grey
How cool is this lighting???  

Finding interesting elements like this repurposed console table made from reclaimed wood and iron adds immediate old world charm to an otherwise very new space!  The artwork is literally a “day of” decision by me.  I had salvaged the clients storage unit and found several of these baroque inspired frames.  I popped in an inexpensive modern piece that I found at a local hobby shop and “voila”!  I absolutely love the quirky juxtaposition of styles!


Big thank you to Amber and Greg Stormberg for allowing me to “storm” their office and home and trusting me with this project.  You guys make an inspiring team!  xo




Nap in Neutrals: Stylish Organic Bedroom

Organic Master Bedroom

You’ve earned a diploma…check!  Said the “I Do’s”…check!  You’re  climbing the ladder of success…check!   Having kids and adopting  pets…check!  Vacationing regularly…check!  You’ve bought your first home…then your second…check!   You’ve decorated the living areas “to a T” and tricked out your gourmet kitchen…check!  You’ve created a beautiful and serene bedroom…________________.  Wait, what?…You can’t check the box?  (Silence…cricketschirp, chirp.)

Does this sound familiar?  Why do so many of us put the decorating of our master bedroom on the back burner?  For my friends, Cathy and Doug, it was because of what I call “decorating burnout.”  When they purchased their second home it was a new construction which meant having to make dozens of decisions regarding finishes, paint colors, tile choices, plumbing and light fixtures, appliances and on and on.  They decorated the public spaces of their new home impeccably, but when it came time to put together the master bedroom, Cathy admits that she hit a decorating road block.  That’s when she enlisted my help.

“I think I’ve hit a dead end,” she admitted while discussing her master bedroom and its unfinished state.  “Every time I try to start putting ideas together about how I want this space to look, I feel overwhelmed and uninspired.  Will you please take over the decorating duties for our master?”

…and my  Master Bedroom Takeover began in earnest. Take a look at the before photos…

Grey Bedroom BeforeStripped Down Bedroom


The bedroom was providing a place to sleep…but little else.  While the rest of the home showcased charming new furniture and accents in fresh styles and light colors, the bedroom suffered from bland hand-me-downs and mis-matched furniture with no definable style.


  1.  The gorgeous walls painted Conservative Grey by Sherwin Williams.  This grey paint reflects a green tint which really informed many of my design decisions.
  2. The homeowners original art above the bed…fantastic!
  3.  The bed

Grey Bedroom Before


  1.  The side tables
  2. The mismatched lamps


  1.  New Bedding
  2. Side Tables
  3. Lamps
  4. Window Treatments
  5. Artwork for 12 foot wall
  6. Rug
  7. Accessories



Organic Master Bedroom Suite

The result is a restful retreat for a busy couple.  The soft, organic palette includes bedding reminiscent of a luxury hotel, a Marrakesh inspired rug, mid-century tinged side tables, honey colored linen drapes, woven baskets and natural accents.

Side Table Styling

Master Bedroom including Pet Beds

The bedding features organic white waffle weave duvet and bedskirt layered with a light grey comforter, dark grey standard shams, silk grey Euro shams and a modern ethnic throw pillow.  None of these elements were “part of a set” so don’t be afraid to mix and match for color, texture and interest.  Even the pets received new beds that match the bedroom!  Orchids and birch branches bring natural outdoor elements inside…

I love, love, love the way this little art/craft project turned out!  Artwork was needed for a blank 12 foot wall and this was my solution.  I grabbed photos of the couple and their adventures from their social media pages  and created a dimensional photo art exhibit that spanned the length of the wall.  Super personal and unique decor!

Master Suite with Natural Palette

Natural weave baskets create a footboard affect that mimic the headboard color and serve to bolster the length of the bed.  They also add storage and texture to the room.

Roxanne and Eleanore Rigby approve!!!

Nap in Neutrals

Nap in Neutrals…anything but boring!

A big thank you to Cathy and Doug Phillips for entrusting me with their bedroom haven and allowing me to blog about their project!   Xoxo!






Home Office…Before and After! (Oh boy, Oh boy!)

Home Office…Before

Office Before

Home Office…After!

Office After

Can I get an AMEN????!!!!  This makeover is, to quote my husband, “bad to the bone!”…and that’s a good thing!  Let’s take a closer look at this home office makeover, shall we?

The office space is small…a 10′ x 10′ cube…however, this cube has a twin on the adjacent side and is divided by an entry hallway…office on the right, sitting/media room on the left.  So…it is actually 10′ x 23′ in total space (you’ll see the sitting room in the next photos).


  1. Create a masculine office for the husband (wife’s office is upstairs) that is a functional home office (he works from home), music/writing room for him and front entry to home.
  2. Keep as much of the existing furniture as possible.
  3. Keep it budget friendly.
  4. Make it gorgeous!


  1.  Remove credenza and lamp from the room.  (Too cramped)
  2. Reposition desk to the center of the room looking out toward the middle of the entire space.
  3. Move book shelves from sitting room to the back office wall.
  4. Start shopping!  The windows are empty, the walls are bare, the floor is naked and style needs to be infused everywhere!

…Moving to the opposite side of the space, let’s take a look at the existing sitting room before the makeover.  The room includes pretty pieces from Ethan Allen, a flat screen and a media shelving unit…that’s it! Sitting Room Before  Those shelves were moved to the office side to provide much needed functioning storage.  The sitting room furniture was reconfigured to the middle of the room and I added a mirrored side table between the chairs, removing the one you see pictured here.  The flat screen was also installed onto the wall.


New view from the center of the sitting room into the office..

Masculine Office

View from the center of office into sitting room…

Sitting Room - Front
Contemporary and Clean Sitting/Media room…

…Playing off the beautiful fabrics found on the homeowners’ furnishings, the space became an open and airy office that is sophisticated without being too formal or stuffy.  I LOVE the masculine window pane plaid on the arm chair and the linen tweed of the desk chair!…all providing the cues I needed to pull the rooms together into one cohesive and stylish space that not only he would love…but one the wife would love too!  The velvet drapes in Fog Grey add just the right amount of luxury needed for an office which resides in the front of the home.  The artwork is bold and resonating, taking up the entirety of one office wall.  This is a wonderful trick for small spaces…placing something very large in a small space creates the illusion of having a much grander space.  The background art is a personal composition by the homeowner who is also a songwriter and piano vocalist.  Adding unique touches to the home like this one is a must in my design work.  A home should reflect the homeowner’s life, interests and dreams.

A closer look at the details…


The media/sitting room design is clean and contemporary as represented in the artwork and furnishings.  Art was chosen as a starting point for a gallery wall which will evolve as the collection grows.

Sitting Room Sideview

Shopping Bag Wall! A Fun Feature for a Girl’s Bedroom

Shopping Bag Wall
Shopping Bag Wall

Is it just me or does anyone else have a hard time disposing of pretty shopping bags?  Heck…sometimes they’re not even that attractive and I still want to keep ’em!  Sure, I’ll occasionally employ them to carry something from point A to point B, but most of the time they just begin to stack, taking up much needed space in my closets!  This very thing started happening in my last home and the shopping bag wall idea was hatched out of the accumulation of too many bags that I just couldn’t part with!

Pretty Shopping Bags
Pretty shopping bags from my friend’s dress shop in Florida, Common Thread, and Reese Witherspoon’s Nashville boutique

Who doesn’t love a colorful, graphic wall???  Who doesn’t love a colorful, graphic wall for ZERO investment???!!!!  Especially when it involves your favorite brands and boutiques!  (OK…You have to buy the merchandise inside the bag but you were going to do that anyway!)  Shopping bags conjure up memories of beloved items that you own, places you’ve traveled or gifts you’ve received.  My shopping bag wall became somewhat of a life board as I would often slip received greeting cards inside the bags…concert tickets would peak out…little momentos and tokens to save…moments worth remembering.  And never did a person walk into this room without commenting or “ooing and aaahing”…always quite the conversation piece!

Before I put this cottage on the market, my shopping bag wall was the focal point of my office.  The office had a small desk under one window and a reading chaise beneath the adjacent window.  But when I decided to sell, I staged the room as a girl’s bedroom and love the result!  I’m crazy about the feminine, vintage, bohemian aesthetic this bedroom exudes!  The central palette is neutral and light while the pops of color come from the shopping bag wall, the mid-century canary yellow dresser (bought at a yard sale and painted) and the bright rugs.  The Spode dinner plates and iron sconces with crystal prisms add a bit of girly sophistication while the shopping bag wall adds the whimsy.  For me, there is rarely one without the other.

Girl's Bedroom
A Girl’s Bedroom with a Shopping Bag Wall as the Featured Attraction

You may be wondering how I attached the bags?  I simply used clear tacks at the corners so that very little damage would be done to the wall.  I chose to hang the bags in a cascading pattern, many times overlapping the bags to create the look I was seeking.  However, an entire wall of colorful bags would be cool!

I hope you’ll try something like this in your home!  Start “shopping till you drop” and save those bags.  In no time at all you’ll have the quite the collection!  Have fun decorating your home and don’t forget to share the pics!  xoxo

Entryway Makeover – Let the Sunshine In!

What the puppy dogs see

Maybe it’s because I’m headed to New York City this weekend and have Broadway on the brain…or because the boys and I attended a stellar performance of The Phantom of the Opera  last night and, again, I have Broadway on the brain!  Nonetheless, as I was entitling this post about an entryway makeover which included a salvaged 100 year old wood door with beveled glass panes, all I heard repeatedly playing in my mind was 5th Dimension’s hit version from the musical HairLet the Sunshine In!  Why?  Because when this new/old door was installed, that is exactly what happened!!!  The sun now floods in the house in the most luxurious way!!! And the view from the curb is nothing short of a sunshiny day…even in gloomy weather.  Press here and experience the sound of a generation…and the musical backdrop to this post.  It’s a medley that starts with Aquarius but Let the Sunshine In will kick in at the end and you’ll love it!!!!

Let me start by saying we didn’t NEED a new front door.  Our builder grade metal door painted lipstick red was just fine and absolutely doing the trick for keeping us safe and air-conditioned.  But as little renovations began happening around the house, I found myself coming back again and again to the possibility of a glass paned front door…one where light pours in the foyer and dining room and adds pretty curb appeal to the front porch.  In my mind, the door had to be wooden and the glass windows must be clear bevel.  Otherwise, the project could wait.  I started pricing new wooden doors to these specs and OUCH!  Cha Ching, Cha Ching, Cha Ching!…That’s when my visions of front door fairy land were put on hold…that is, until I walked into an amazing architectural salvage store on 8th Avenue and my “Do It Yourself” brain kicked in…

Now, I’ve long enjoyed turning old salvaged architectural relics into reborn, reimagined things of beauty.  I’ve lived in and renovated a house circa 1894, for goodness sakes!  So it stands to reason that purchasing a decrepit, misshapen old door would be right up my alley and not too difficult!  I enlisted my husband’s help on this project, stating that we would spend a ton less money on refurbishing an old door, that I was an old pro at refinishing furniture and old stuff…and besides all that, it would be a fun weekend project for us in the dead of winter!  When we purchased our crusty, old artifact, Steven and I were both super stoked and had our best, most positive DIY attitude in place as we began.  We could knock it out in a weekend, right!!??  Here’s what really happened…

We purchased our door on February 4th…

That very day we donned masks (lead paint, after all) and started sanding and gently scraping.  I took on the refinishing of the bottom of the door where every bit of the crackled and chipped painted had to be removed.  Can you say time consuming?  Steven took on the mullions and sanding duties in those tight places.  We scraped, sanded and puttied that entire weekend…

Before:  Bare Wood Grain        After:  Bare Wood with Putty and Sanding

The following weekend we started priming…in frigid, below freezing temps…in the garage…at night…with small portable heaters and bad lighting.  Can you say impatient???  But we were proud of our refinishing job and anxious to hang the new/old door!!!

Painting at night
Inside of Door

So now we’re two weekends in from the date of purchase.  (Remember…we were going to complete the project in one weekend.)  An across country trip to a wedding kept us from working on the door the third weekend, but when we returned, we felt we were far enough along with the project that a carpenter could be called to hang the door. You see…we knew that our antique jewel was not square.  In fact, when we took proper measurements somewhere between the last sanding and the first coat of primer (go figure), we realized that this door must have previously been hung on a “fun house”.  It was WAY out of whack!  The top was 1/2″ smaller than the middle measurement and the bottom was worse than that!   It was so bad that we feared we would have to scrap the entire project.

That’s when I called a pro by the name of Chance Ricketts who specializes in refurbing old architecture.  He arrived and I showed him to the garage where our door “lay in waiting”.  I was very proud of the painstaking work we had done to this point.  Chance quietly circled the door…measured…then circled again…and in a very gentle voice said (and I paraphrase), “we’re gonna need to take over from here.”  I had been hoping to handle ALL of the painting duties for this door because I’m a pretty darn good painter (patting back) but seems this job was going to be above my pay grade.  He explained that his carpenter would have to square the door, add new wood back to the door and a pro painter would finish the job making the seam invisible to the naked eye using technique, putty and, of course, paint.  They begin their work on February 29…

On March 4th, our new/old door gets installed!  Hello Beautiful!  Ca-pow!  Can you detect the added wood?  Nope.  One word…PROS.

Freshly hung door

I gotta tell ya.  This lipstick red door makes me giddy with delight!  I love it from the outside and even more from the inside!  Let the Sunshine In! The entryway now mimics the windows on the front of the house…a design plus.

Door mimics windows
Light filled foyer and dining room

And the night view is fantastic.  The beveled glass creates beautiful prisms of light and an inner glow that I love! NIght View


Entryway After
100 Year Old Door gets a Modern Makeover!

Moral of the story?  Sometimes the best DIY’ers have to call in the Pros!…even when the DIY’ers are pros themselves!  Who cares that a weekend project turned into a month?  The result is so pretty and at HALF THE PRICE of a new door!!!  And the stories an old door can tell…or ones you can imagine!  Last but not least.  “Let the Sunshine In” is always a great soundtrack to any project…and a great motto for life.  Cheers!… and go refurbish something!!!!

Resources:  Preservation Station; 1809 8th Avenue South, Nashville, TN                 Instagram:  @preservationstation