~HOUSE REIMAGINED~ How one client turned downsizing into “upstyling” and fell in love with her home all over again!

Read more: ~HOUSE REIMAGINED~ How one client turned downsizing into “upstyling” and fell in love with her home all over again!

My client (and dear friend, I might add) had just sold her big, comforting home in New England. It was a place where she had been a happy wife and raised two beautiful daughters, now grown and adulting on their own. It was a home where, like so many of us, she had amassed an assortment of beautiful furnishings, china, books, fine art and incredible handmade rugs from the Middle East. A place where she had thrown countless birthday parties, dinners and celebrations; a home full of collections and memories and stories from a life well lived. Desiring to be more centrally located to both of her girls, she found herself downsizing and purchased a sparkling new, two story townhouse in Franklin, TN. She also found herself wondering how she would incorporate her cherished belongings from her previous home and life with the new furnishings, colors and interior aesthetic that she wanted to incorporate as a fresh new perspective on this new chapter of life. This is how we achieved just that and helped her fall in love with her surroundings all over again…

We situated a new formal dining table and chairs and an oak buffet console from her previous home at the forefront of the house for two reasons. They play double duty as reception/foyer space, as well as dining space, setting the tone for the home’s relaxed yet glamorous interiors. It’s a striking moment and highlights the homeowners love for beautiful art and objects. The sleek marble and metal table is the perfect transition between old and new, creating an updated classic style. The blue feature wall creates a stunning backdrop to the artwork and the soft brass metals add subtle sparkle to every vignette.

The living and kitchen areas are relaxed and warm and are accentuated by an unexpected trellis wallpaper in the kitchen, elevating the space to new heights! The gold leaf cage pendant lights are whimsical and elegant.

The library is the homeowner’s favorite room in the house, as it incorporates some of her late husband’s most cherished books, artifacts and memorabilia. It’s deep and luscious and the perfect balance of masculine and feminine, bright and moody, leather and velvet. It’s also home to her precious china and stemware collection housed in a stunning cabinet, something she really hoped she’d be able to keep! It works perfectly here between the dark bookcasing and creates a striking contrast and focal point. All furnishings were brought from her previous residence and were either reupholstered or refreshed with pillows. Win win and win some more!

The Peacock Powder Room…Vibrant, Alive and Happy!!!!

The Guest Room is one of three bedrooms in the home and this one is “stay in bed all day” swoon worthy…!!!

Let’s Venture Upstairs to the Primary Suite…

The home incorporates a variety of blue, green and grey shades throughout its interiors, allowing the homeowner to feel the energy and excitement from the use of color but also relaxed and calmed by their soothing, watery hues.

I’m so grateful that my friend enlisted my help in this beautiful place and that she has found a new sense of home in her fresh surroundings. Thank you, Allison, for allowing me to be a part of this wonderful process!!!! Thank you to her daughter, Ashley, for being our muse and design collaborator and speaking life, ideas, organization and sweat equity into this project.

Grand Millennial Dining Room

Soft layers create this maximalist dining space. The client’s vision began with her grandmother’s dining table, wooden ladder back side chairs, china and china cabinet. We then mixed in florals, abstracts, custom upholstery and pecky cypress details to create a luxurious room that is both old and new, masculine and feminine, classic and modern and 100% Grand Millennial!

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My “IT” Color for 2020!

Sherwin Williams Pewter Green Kitchen

You know that kiss you can’t get enough of?…that bite of perfect dark chocolate?…that new Hulu TV series?  I get it (and don’t tell me I’m the only one with cravings!)…sometimes you just need to “binge out” unapologetically.  But beyond this obvious list of indulgences, you know what I simply cannot get enough of as I start this exciting new decade???  My new kitchen color!!!!  It makes me so stinking happy!  Throw in the kisses, the chocolate and the tv series and I’m practically certifiable! Continue reading

Cabin Fever in the Heart of Nashville

Westview Cabin Mantel

Indulge me for a moment and thumb through the pages of your mind…back to a time when you were a kid and you’ve just left summer camp…a camp you really, really loved…or maybe even a vacation.  Once back home, nothing seemed to properly console you from your feeling of want…wanting to return to your newfound friends, your frivolity and exploration and the excitement you felt in “your place”!  This is the feeling I experienced when this project ended! Continue reading

Home, Heritage and One Kick Ass Crawfish Boil

Can you say Crawfish?!

Yeah…I said it.  No matter how much I love Jesus and try to refrain from curse words and “ugly talk,” the words “kick” and “ass” put together in one satisfying adjective make for the quintessential emphasis to a point.  At least, in my book…

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My 2018 Reflection Book

Father Son Connection

On this last day of 2018, I am reflecting.  I am pondering how beautiful life is, but also how messy… how very challenging and sometimes painful days can feel, but also how everlastingly triumphant!  Triumphant because of God’s love for me and mine for Him!  I am reminded that “every good and perfect gift is from above” and gratitude bursts from within! Continue reading

The One Thing I Never Heard My Son Say

“Hey mom!  I’ve been doing some thinking.  I sure would enjoy it if you remodeled my bedroom in a Scandinavian Minimalist style!” said Ethan Pflug NEVER.  HAHAHA!  Yep…I’m literally LOL as I write this post.  Poor kid.  Having to put up with a designer mom that is always using her home as her own little mad scientist laboratory.   And the truth is, E didn’t say those words because I said them.  I said them (or at least I thought them) and the idea worked!  It worked for my son and it worked for me!

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Tropical Chic Rosemary Beach Condo

No matter the date on the calendar, this Rosemary Beach Condominium was designed to be the quintessential endless summer getaway for a busy couple and their three young sons.  The home, situated in the heart of the Rosemary Beach, Florida town square, is a light and airy space where graphic punches give way to organic, woodsy respites, all thoughtfully woven together with a rich, leafy thread that feels neither forced nor overused.

White, Green and Black Color Palette with punches of Magenta

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Color Crush! A Luxury Condo gets Energized with a Bold and Confident Mix of Colors and Textures


Living Room at Angle

The interior design world has been swimming in a tranquil sea of soft greys and neutrals for several years now.  I, too, have swooned over and embraced the trend of a less fussy, achromatic interior.  But who says you can’t have the best of both worlds!?  Both calming and colorful!   Continue reading