50 Year Old Bathroom Begs for a Facelift!

Beautifully Classic White Bathroom Renovation 1    In no way am I implying that all 50 year olds need to haul off and get themselves a facelift the minute they blow out the inferno of candles atop their birthday cake (I speak of the flaming inferno from experience…wink, wink).  However, this particular 50 year old bathroom in one of the beautiful West Meade neighborhoods of Nashville was languishing and, short of the homeowners selling a perfectly good house to be rid of it, a facelift was it’s only hope!  It had a lot of good years left in the tank, so to speak, but, man oh man, was it showing it’s age…and unfortunately, it was not aging gracefully.

Let’s take a peek at the Before and Afters!

We simply could not move existing walls in this renovation so we worked within its perimeters and created “airy-ness” in the small bath wherever possible.  We chose a vanity cabinet with open shelving to provide a sense of roominess within a tight nook.  A custom mirror was installed from countertop to ceiling to both reflect needed light and create the illusion of space.  Sconce lighting, a marble countertop and beadboard ceiling all provide a classic touch to the home’s traditional 1960’s vintage.

Vanity After


As you can see…we gutted it down to studs and sub floor!  The only hardware we kept was the toilet.  Square tiles gave way to painted board and batten wood paneling which match the original wood interior doors perfectly!  Subway tiles were installed on the tub surround and the soap niche was purposefully hidden from plain view, beneath the shower head.   Custom wood shutters were added in lieu of vinyl blinds.

Classic White Bathroom Renovation

Beautifully Classic White Bathroom Renovation


The gorgeous tile floor by Ted Baker is a real thing of beauty as, not only does he design beautifully feminine garments but beautiful flooring, as well!   The custom shower curtain with center  panels and  sleek ceiling mounted hardware was a splurge but well worth the investment.  The curtain’s fabric and trim are both by Sunbrella giving it the performance capabilities you need in a hard working room like the bath.

Custom Sunbrella Shower Curtain






Before 2





The original bath featured two separate sink areas as pictured in this “before” shot.  Fancy huh?  NOT!
We ditched the vanity closest to the toilet in favor of shelving and storage which the bathroom had never had before…clean, timeless, purposeful.

Open Shelving

Open Shelving with Cabinet

The homeowner and her teenage daughter styled the shelves so beautifully!  Picture perfect!

As much as I adore the outcome of this extensive renovation, I adore the homeowners that entrusted me with the project even more!  To be honest, this project will not go down on record as the easiest renovations of all time.  There were unexpected delays and construction dilemmas associated with working on older homes.  However, my unbelievably kind, patient and loving clients, Ashley and Chris Bradley, exemplified the very best of humanity as they weathered the storms that this renovation brought with a positive heart and a steadfast trust in me.   In the end, we all agreed that the outcome was well worth the effort…and a few grey hairs!

Wall Color:  Sherwin Williams Pediment

Board and Batten/Trim Color:  Sherwin Williams Snowbound



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