Home, Heritage and One Kick Ass Crawfish Boil

Can you say Crawfish?!

Yeah…I said it.  No matter how much I love Jesus and try to refrain from curse words and “ugly talk,” the words “kick” and “ass” put together in one satisfying adjective make for the quintessential emphasis to a point.  At least, in my book…

Our recent trip to New Orleans with friends was (dare I say it again?) kick ass in EVERY way!  From the strolling, dining and shopping in the Bywater, French Quarter and Garden District to the people watching, the music (Jazz Fest, no less) and the end all-be all crawfish boil!  My husband is from New Orleans and his childhood friend, Todd, and his wife, Kristi, really  know how to “put on the dog,” as we say in the South.  Every year the Borges’s host a Jazz Fest Crawfish Boil at their beautiful uptown 1940’s Spanish Bungalow.   Once guests have eaten their fill of perfectly spiced crawfish, fixings, chicken gumbo and mimosas, they walk a few blocks to the fair grounds for Jazz Fest.  For me, walking the streets of New Orleans and taking in the abundance of architecture and design at every turn is like walking in utopia.  From the lowliest, to the most grand estates, character and charm rule the day and make New Orleans a unique and rare bird indeed.

Among those places that I dearly love is the home of our friends and hosts, Todd and Kristi.  They have one of those homes that ooze old world charm and sophistication yet is unassuming and, dare I say, perfectly haphazard.  It’s the sort of house I dream of for my clients every time I start a new project.  One that is beautiful and interesting…one that is collected and curated over time…one that is cozy and hospitable…one that is artistic and a reflection of those that dwell in it.  Please allow me to take you on a pictorial tour of their home, for pictures say far more than I can express in words.  Hopefully my random and quick photographs will unveil a small glimpse of the energy, warmth and New Orleanian flair of this special home and why no one EVER wants to miss a Crawfish Boil on North Carrollton Avenue.

1940 Spanish Bungalow
Spanish Bungalow built by the homeowner’s grandmother in 1941.  Beautiful detail displayed in the lacey ironwork, arched and inset windows held by rope twist columns and multiple Spanish tiled roof lines.
Rope, rope and more rope!
I love their use of repeated rope pattern with this tree swing.  Details!

Well Collected


The natural light in the home is so beautiful and warm.

Barcart Bliss
Bar Cart Bliss!


The beautifully plastered walls lead to coved ceilings throughout the home.  Wow upon wow!  The Borges’ attention to mid-century modern detail is a thing of beauty.  How gorgeous are these loungers and mid-century textiles atop polished concrete floors?

Mid Century Modern Design

Modern art and cabinet
The Borges’ are avid collectors and frequent estate sales and antique shops.  This 1950’s pickled chest belonged to Todd’s Grandmother and the artwork was purchased from a neighborhood estate sale.


The Family Business
Todd’s family has been in the New Orleans Seafood business for generations and the vintage sign displayed in the kitchen flawlessly speaks to this truth.  Various collections are highlighted throughout the home as displayed above.


Kristi prepping for the crawfish boil.  I learned a thing or two about flavor on this day as we chopped a mountain of onions, garlic and lemons!  Hello delicious boil!



My friend, Karen, was fascinated with the making of a crawfish boil and Todd graciously explained his process.  Meanwhile, the rest of us were eating our faces off!  The meat was succulent and perfectly spiced with creole seasoning, lemon, garlic, onions, potatoes, celery, corn, andouille sausage and mushrooms.  Unbelievable!!!

Thee Borges Jazz Fest Crawfish Boil

An absolute perfect spring day with friends and memories, old and new!  Now if someone could wake up Harper Lee.  It’s time for Jazz Fest!

Harper Lee

Crawfish Boil Selfie
Our glorious friends and hosts, Kristi and Todd.  Thank you friends!  Days like these are why we’re alive!

Yep…kick ass pretty much sums up our time in the Big Easy.  Perhaps I will speak a bit more eloquently in my next post but, for now, I hope you’ll forgive a girl her shortcomings and misgivings.  Until then…xoxo!

Thank you to Kristi and Todd for allowing me to brag on them!  Every word (and more) is true!  Big love to you guys!

Thank you to Karen for snapping a couple of the pics in this post!  Excellent work, my friend!


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