How One Uninteresting Wall Became a Whole Lot Cooler!

I see it all the time in my interior design work.  Homes with these quirky little wall insets in halls, foyers or transition spaces.  I’m guessing it’s the builder’s attempt to add “character” to the house but, inevitably, the homeowner is left scratching their head as to what to do with the dang things!  In most cases, the easy “go-to” is to lean family photos or artwork or place a floral arrangement inside but, many times, those choices leave the homeowner feeling underwhelmed and bored.  I, too, was faced with this problem in my own home.  However, my problem was two-fold.  (A)… I didn’t enjoy the look of the inset and (B)…I needed more storage space.  In my case, the inset was placed on an angled wall and angled walls usually house unused space behind them.  Now…those of you that know my work know that I am never opposed to busting through walls if I think there is hidden storage behind and that’s exactly what I did!  Check it out!  See the pretty antique door?  That used to be an unimaginative wall inset!  How’s that for “turning it up a notch?”

Foyer with Built-In China Cabinet
View of foyer from the front door.  A Built-In China Cabinet with Vintage Doors replaces, what used to be, a boring wall inset.

But to get the full effect, you have to see the BEFORE pic of the wall inset!  Here you go…(nodding off…snore)

Before Pic - Angled Wall Inset
Foyer Wall Inset Before when the walls were painted “Greige”. The walls are now Toque White and the wall inset is happily a thing of the past!

Now I ask you?  What would you rather have?  A wall inset or a kick ass china cabinet with antique doors and pretty storage?  Can you believe all that glorious space was left behind that angled wall???  Come on, man!  Storage is EVERYTHING!  And being able to store china and crystal in such a pretty and efficient way is such a score!  Not to mention the character it adds!   So let’s look at it again!Custom Built-In China Cabinet with Vintage Doors

I love the angles in my home because they are visually appealing.  However, this is the second time that I have used those angles to my favor and revealed the storage space that was patiently awaiting.  Once I determined that nothing was housed behind the angled wall in the way of HVAC or plumbing, I went on my search for antique doors.  This one is a “no-brainer” because Preservation Station on 8th Avenue in Nashville never fails to provide a treasure trove of glorious architectural salvage and artifact (don’t live in Nashville?  They ship!).  I needed a door with very specific measurements  that would work in this tight space and it just so happened that they had acquired several sets of the perfect doors from an estate in Pennsylvania.  I picked my favorite from the 100 year old plus vintage and away we went!  The doors had already been stripped of the old paint and I liked the patina of the raw wood so much that I left them in that state.  The frosted glass was in great shape and just needed a little TLC to return to its original beauty.  Built-In China Cabinet

Pretty Storage

Now my linens, pretty crystal, cake plants and vases, are all an easy arms reach away!  And I LOVE the warmth the wood doors bring to my foyer and how they play with my artwork and flooring.

Down to the new studsFor those of you that like to see process…here’s a picture of the space as it was being prepared for its new role.  Have I got you thinking about hidden storage gems in your own home?  I hope so!

Our homes are our sanctuary, our playground, our nest!  Be imaginative and love where you live!  Until next time…big hug!


To see another of my projects where I renovated an antique door, click this link!

One thought on “How One Uninteresting Wall Became a Whole Lot Cooler!

  1. Paul Overstreet November 10, 2017 / 2:01 pm

    Nicely Done


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