Living Room Aspirations ~ Calm, Cool & Collected

Colorful and Contemporary Living Room Makeover

If I had a dollar for every time I’ve heard, “I just don’t know what to do with my mantel,” I could at least take a couple friends to cocktails with my earnings!  (Wait! My friends really, really like cocktails!  I could probably only invite one friend!).  I digress…but yes…mantel styling can be a pesky enterprise.  But sometimes a mantel’s problem is not only the mantel itself, but the entire fireplace wall.

I present to you to you a calm, cool and collected living room and fireplace feature wall that is stylish but also comfortable and livable!!!  Can you say gorgeous??  Alas, it was not always the case.  When I came on the scene, the homeowners yearned for a much more contemporary space and the fireplace and mantel that came with the house was anything but!  It was nice…if you like uber traditional fireplace walls without much personality.  So…I fixed it (wink, wink)!

Glass Tiled Fireplace takes Center Stage

Cirulli Living Room Before

When I started this project, the homeowners were deciding on a new paint color for the home’s interior, landing on a soothing gray, a great improvement from the yellowish putty color here.  Also notice the fireplace and mantel.  It’s nice…but it did not match the contemporary aesthetic the Cirulli’s desired for their home.


A beautiful GLASS TILE fireplace wall with FLOATING MANTEL.   The expanded feature wall and shelf now anchor the room and set the tone for a contemporary space.  The hearth received a white marble slab to replace the existing hum-drum ceramic tile and the result is such a “wow factor”!  The seating arrangement was turned on an angle and a fun turquoise chair added to the mix.  Contemporary art, lamps and accessories further accentuate this light and lively room.

Glass Tile Fireplace Feature Wall with Floating Mantel

Colorful Corner

Pure and Simple

I decided on simple mantel styling because…let’s face it…the aqua colored glass tile is the star of the show!!!  Trying to upstage that beautiful tile would have been an exercise in futility anyway.   In addition, the fireplace wasn’t the only feature that received beautiful new tile.  Check out the foyer!

Contemporary sophistication is the result.  Again…I used restraint when styling the foyer and kept the space clean and understated, allowing that beautiful mosaic marble to speak for itself.  So stunning…so timeless.

In my design process, it is important that my room’s interiors work in harmony with the rest of the home.  If you read my recent blog “Snap, Crackle, Pop!” That one time the Breakfast Nook came to life with KID ART and POPS OF COLOR! you have already been introduced to this delightful home.  The following photograph demonstrates how the breakfast nook and the living room play nicely together in this open floor plan, both sharing some of the same color palette and casual contemporary aesthetic.

View of Kid's Art Gallery from Living Room

Expansive Living Room

Again…a big thank you to the Cirulli’s for entrusting me with their interior project. Such a joy and blessing to work with such kind and beautiful people!

A big thank you to my very talented assistant, Faye Waldrum, for her design eye, savvy and muscle on the day of this shoot.  (It was her idea to rotate this seating arrangement!  Voila!  Perfect!)

Floating Mantel by:  Nic Roberson of Southern Made Woodwork.  You can find him on INSTAGRAM at  @southernmade.woodwork

For another great Fireplace Feature Blog read:  Make Your Fireplace Wall a FEATURE! Before and After

Cheers Everyone!  ~Sabrina





One thought on “Living Room Aspirations ~ Calm, Cool & Collected

  1. Mary Mynatt August 31, 2017 / 1:53 am

    Beautiful, as always!


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