“Snap, Crackle, Pop!” That one time the Breakfast Nook came to life with KID ART and POPS OF COLOR!

Breakfast Nook filled with Color

I don’t know about you guys, but just looking at this breakfast nook makes me instantly HAPPY!!!  So imagine getting to eat your Cheerios in the midst of all this happiness every morning or your mac n’ cheese at night?!  And then further imagine that you’re the kid(s) that created these modern art masterpieces!  I mean…wouldn’t you feel super duper proud of  yourself and want to go out into the world and drink up every ounce of it’s goodness; maybe cure some rare diseases or write the next Great American Novel???!!!!  But wait!  What if you’re the parent of “said kids”?  Wouldn’t you feel ridiculously accomplished having brought these little Picassos into the world and head to work each morning feeling “all full of yourself” (in a good way)  and giddy because you not only scored a big win in the creative kid department, but the breakfast nook department, as well???!!!  I know I would!

The Cirulli’s came into my life like so many of my beloved clients do…by seeing my work at their friend’s house and then asking me if I could refresh/rehash/rework their home in a similar way.  The answer is always “YES”!  And the result…well…take a look!

Breakfast Nook Before

BEFORE pic of the Cirulli’s Breakfast Nook.  My goal was to create a kid friendly space that would also appeal to adults and mix well with the open floor plan kitchen and living room concept.

  1. The space needed a larger table to span the length of the built in benches.  This one is out of proportion.
  2. New artwork
  3. Chandelier needs to be moved to center of wall and the new table that will be purchased.
  4. New dining room chairs are needed that will compliment and coordinate with the bench seating.


Kid's Art Feature Wall

Artwork saved from the children’s school projects were framed and hung gallery style, really bringing this room to life!  I’ve always said that small kids create the coolest modern art and this wall is a testament to that theory.  Plus, the children love seeing their artistic creativity prominently displayed in their home.  It’s such a Win/Win!

Breakfast Nook with colorful kid's art and jars

Kid's Art Gallery in Breakfast Nook

Colorful Breakfast Nook

For extra pops of color I added placemats, a paper mache’ vase, a geometric cookie jar and, of course, a vibrant mix of pillows…all inexpensive ways to create a very designer look.

Breakfast Nook

This breakfast nook is not only functional, but the furniture scale is now balanced, the chairs provide a contemporary edge, the lighting is centered and the feature wall is interesting and vibrant.  I am so crazy in love with how this project turned out!

Big thank you to the Cirulli family for allowing me to “play” in their home and create something truly unique for them.  It was such a pleasure!!!

And…if you enjoyed seeing their breakfast nook makeover?… wait until you see their living room!!!!


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