A Light and Airy Kitchen Renovation – Just in time for Spring!

Peachy Keen Kitchen Renovation

The kitchen…the heart of the home…the very hub of life’s “hubbub,” wants to be loved too!  If our kitchens could talk, I sometimes think that they would say they felt neglected.  Not just neglected from a “wear and tear” standpoint, but aesthetically, as well.  Don’t you agree?  The kitchen performs on the daily for us…first in the morning over pots of coffee, bowls of cereal and trails of toast crumbs…then into the evening where it takes the heat, the sauce splatters, the wine spills, the ice cream plops, the oil slicks and performs like a champ through it all.  But shouldn’t our kitchens be more than just our work horse?  Doesn’t most of LIFE happen in the kitchen?…from social gatherings to family meals to homework to bill paying?  And since everyone ALWAYS ends up in the kitchen, shouldn’t your kitchen not just function but look really awesome too???  I think yes!

My latest renovation clients had a perfectly fine kitchen before they called on me for some assistance. It  was definitely handling the daily duties of their busy family of five.  But the homeowners knew their kitchen space could be better; that it could be  less “builder cookie cutter” and much more custom and befitting of their personal style. I’m so glad I was called upon to help them dream about the possibilities for their kitchen and then execute that dream into reality.  The result is a bright, fresh and airy kitchen that is sophisticated without being stuffy or formal.  Let’s take a look…Crisp and Airy Kitchen



Kitchen Reno Full View
Cabinets were shifted, deleted, painted, molded and updated!  Granite countertops were replaced with a stunning white quartz and the once “plain jane” backsplash now steals the show with carrara marble tiles in a subway pattern.  Stunning.


  • A fresh coat of cabinet paint brightens and updates.
  • Wall color gets painted a misty blue/grey
  • An expanded island is now in proper scale with the room. Light and Bright Kitchen
  • Upper cabinets beside window were removed completely and replaced with open shelving, creating more light and space in the kitchen.
  • Pendants were added over island (Wayfair) and under cabinet lighting was introduced throughout.
  • A microwave over the stove was moved to newly expanded island and custom hood installed in its place.
  • A new pantry door was installed.  I love the way the carpenters mimicked the lines from the door in moldings and finishing work on cabinets.  Light and Bright Kitchen RenovationDetails, details, details!
  • Refrigerator was moved to the left to allow for proper function (door was never able to fully open with prior placement) and better aesthetic (refrigerator should never be smashed against an angled pantry door).  Upper cabinets over refrigerator were moved forward, creating the custom fit you now see.  Winning Big!
  • Kitchen desk and cabinets were replaced with counter height cabinets to make way for the wine/soda bar.  A dual functioning wine/soda cooler was installed, as well as glass front cabinets, creating a very attractive bar and buffet serving area.


Bright and White Kitchen
How beautiful is this quartz countertop atop a newly expanded island?  And that marble backsplash!!!  Dreamy.
Island with MIcrowave
One of my favorite features is this microwave cabinet which was made deliberately small at 21″ to accommodate an 18″ oven.  This family only uses the micro for reheating so it didn’t need to take up a ton of real estate.  Very efficient use of space.


Open Shelving
Can we talk about open shelving for a moment?  It’s efficient, it’s bold and let’s be honest, it is COOL!  Enough said.  The shelves are custom built and stained to match floors; solid brass brackets are from Rejuvenation.
Coffee Nook
Situated to the right of the reconfigured refrigerator, this coffee nook is morning java perfection.  
Wine and Soda Bar
Who needs a desk in the kitchen when you can have a bar like this????!!!!  Duh. (Refer back to before pics for the desk area.) The dual temperature cooler has settings for wine on one side, sodas on the other.  Bam!  When blog photos were taken, we were still awaiting glass shelves for this lit cabinet but I’ll bet you can imagine pretty barware standing neatly at the ready. Clink. Clink.
Backdoor Kitchen View
“Honey!  I’m home!!!”  I am so loving this back door entrance view!

YUMOne of the things I like to do at the end of a renovation is surprise the homeowners with a little “Peach and the Willow” styling.  I bring in items that I think will look great in the space and the homeowners decide if they take them or leave them.  One such surprise was the wall hanging above the pantry door.  It’s a simple thing really.  I found one random “yum” placemat in a local shop and decided that, once framed, it was the perfect little graphic for this kitchen and its personality.  I mean, I’d definitely describe this kitchen as “yum”!

White and Light with a touch of Oil Rubbed Brass Accent for Contrast

Crisp and Airy Kitchen
This photo highlights the use of contrast in this kitchen.  Warm wood plays with soft whites and greys, juxtaposed with dark metals.  It all comes together in a cohesive and fresh way.  Durable patterned rugs reinforce the soft grey/blue of the wall and add a touch of elegance to the space. 

I had such a ball designing this kitchen renovation with the homeowners!  A big thank you to Anne-Mary and Pete for allowing me to blog about their project and reveal their beautiful kitchen to you!  You guys are the best!!!

Cheers!  ~Sabrina

PS…Easter is just around the corner!…which means Easter eats!  Remember my favorite pound cake from last year?  If you missed it, here’s the link to my recipe…CLICK HERE.




4 thoughts on “A Light and Airy Kitchen Renovation – Just in time for Spring!

  1. Cari Safford March 16, 2017 / 2:39 am

    This is so beautiful. You did a great job!!!


  2. Nancy Agner Bell March 16, 2017 / 3:34 pm

    Love it cuz, Sabrina! Do you make trips out of town? Sure would love your input as Bob & I tackle the project of renovating out Cedar Island property that took a huge hit from Hurricane Hermine.


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