Help! I Want A New Living Room!

I often hear my clients say that they wish they could just start over and redecorate their entire home.  But let’s be honest.  Who can afford to ditch everything they’ve accumulated and start from scratch?!!  I know I can’t!  Nor would we want to as we’ve collected treasures throughout the years that we may not be able to part with.  So…we improvise with what we have, right?

That’s exactly how my latest living room redo was accomplished.  The homeowners are busy professionals with two very lively young kids, one rambunctious dog and a sweet kitty.  They wanted a contemporary, black and white color palette for their active living room that could handle all the life they would be throwing at it.   A budget for new accessories was provided but I was told that the existing furniture had to remain.  And their furniture is tan and brown.  Hmmmm.  Black and white color scheme…brown and tan furniture?  Check out how it works!focal-point-mantel

The decision to hang wide, horizontal stripe drapes was a bold one but became the anchor for the entire room!  They’re fantastically graphic and a feast for the eye!  The art above the mantel was simply repositioned from a different spot in the room while the rug and accessories are new.bold-and-beautiful-horizontal-stripe-drapesTo accomplish this look, two of the living room walls were painted baby’s breath white, replacing the grey-tan color found throughout the main house.  It was a budget conscious decision but since the newly painted walls mirror one another, it works beautifully.  In addition, the adjoining and open kitchen (not pictured) was also painted the same white color, creating a seamless  and cohesive look.


A freshly chalk painted coffee table top blends in nicely with the new color scheme while graphic black and white pillows and throws update the existing sofa.


This vantage point displays the two wall colors AND my favorite new element in the room…the art gallery wall!!!  Most of the pieces pictured are original, including works by the children and the homeowner!  The large clock was moved from an adjacent wall and new geo lamps were purchased. gallery-walllittle-accents

The tv console received an edit and the result is a clean, sophisticated look without being “fussy”.  Again…Edison bulb fixtures were moved from a different area in the home and new potted plants were purchased for color and contrast.  The growler centerpiece is a tribute to the man of the house who has a taste for microbrew.   The collection is functional and perfect atop the table in the eat-in kitchen, easily accomplished by snooping around in the homeowner’s pantry (psst…snooping in cabinets and closets is a prerequisite to all of my design work…ha!).



HOMEOWNER:  Can you believe that’s my house!!!!      FRIEND:  Looks SO GOOD!!!    HOMEOWNER: Miracle Worker!!!     SABRINA:  Thanks you guys!  I love this redo SO much!!!     HOMEOWNER:  I don’t even like turning on tv.  Just want to stare at room.      FRIEND:   I love that most of the items were already in your house.  It looks great…love it!  

If you’ve been dreaming of a little redo or spruce up for your living room, I hope this post inspires you to go for it in the new year!  Take a good inventory of what must stay, as well as what “can stay” and then re-envision your space using inexpensive elements like paint, rugs and accessories.  It’s amazing what a little remix will do!!!

Cheers everyone!  (PS…hope you’re done Christmas shopping!!!…I’M NOT!!!)

4 thoughts on “Help! I Want A New Living Room!

  1. Heidie Egan December 14, 2016 / 4:12 pm

    Looks great! Need you to come help me in Roswell! Love you!


  2. Mary Mynatt December 16, 2016 / 1:13 am

    As usual… are amazing! So talented!


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